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programs, seminars and workshops tailored to meet the needs of individuals and organisations. The programs are conducted by a qualified and professional facilitator, who understands the need to incorporate both the theory and the skills required to be able to immediately apply learned strategies.

Diamond Dynamics offers a wide range of practical and
interactive professional development seminars and workshops. As well as providing participants with relevant tools and strategies to be more effective in their jobs, they also assist in bringing about significant personal and professional behavioural change.

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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Visions of New Zealand Indigenous Roadshow

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Monday, August 16, 2010


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Saturday, August 14, 2010


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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Specialist in RONGOA MAORI MEDICINES / PANIPANI alternative healing and massage therapies, qualified practitioners working with spiritual, physical, mental and whanau(family dynamics.

contact email:
C/- 81 Mc Allister Street, Whakatane

Monday, May 10, 2010


Training Workshops

Cultural Clinical Orientation

Evidence of understanding the Treaty of Waitangi demonstrated within clinical practice.
1.Evidence of understanding the Treaty Articles and principals applied to clinical practice.
2.Evidence of understanding cultural protocols, processes and beliefs that are relevant to provide a quality cultural service to Maori and their whanau (families) accessing clinical services.
3.Demonstrates skills used to maximise cultural expertise to provide guidance or involvement in the decision making process of care and treatment.
4.Demonstrates skills to provide guidance and support with option to access cultural assessments to individuals and their families.

Cultural Clinical Safety Training

Access and Options for Cultural Care/Planning/ Assessment/Therapy
1.Evidence of work to plan care demonstrating an understanding of cultural sensitivity.
2.Evidence of ability to identify environmental or client safety/risk issues in the area of practice.
3.Demonstrates skills used to maximise patient and family involvement in the decision making process of care and treatment.
4.Demonstrates understanding of cultural assessment in context to observing behaviour.

Cultural Assessment Training

Understanding the importance of Cultural Assessments in clinical practice
1.Evidence of demonstrating an understanding of cultural and spiritual aspects important to wellbeing.
2.Evidence of ability to identify cultural issues affecting wellbeing through cultural assessment tool process.
3.Evidence of demonstrating an understanding of cultural Terminologies.
4.Demonstrates skills used to maximise quality care and treatment using parallel of cultural assessment.

Coaching services
We offer face-to-face coaching sessions to explore options, issues, or approaches to assist the individual or group to implement quality health care and services to indigenous people. The tools improve self-awareness, identify processes and approaches that will build and sustain quality services. 

Skills – focuses on the development of practical knowledge reducing disparities, effective relationships and communication, collaborative working approach and environments.

Development – focusing on strengthening and enhancing indigenous leadership qualities, modeling positive behaviours and potential of existing knowledge and practice.

Empowerment - focusing on competency in practice, to encourage and develop services aimed at delivery of early intervention education and strategies to influence expertise to enhance existing services.

Customised delivery of programmes and services
Our Consultancy Services will help to create programmes or coaching services to meet the particular needs of organisations in a flexible and cost effective manner.
customising quality learning and development needs
appropriately assessing against identified service or practice issues and key areas of expertise, or skilled workforce development.
Support to implement effective systems or models to sustain a quality work environment

Dynamic Training Packages

Diamond Dynamics offers your organisation the opportunity to have professional training packages to enhance individual’s competency and knowledge of cultural clinical practice in the health arena. The training packages can be purchased individually or as the following………

Starter Package: offers the Cultural Clinical Orientation package as an introduction of understanding cultural processes and why they are important to assisting the wellbeing. This is suitable for migrant professionals new to New Zealand culture and workforce, graduates new into the health workforce and any professionals who may have limited cultural clinical training.

Competent Package: composed of the Cultural Clinical Orientation and Cultural Clinical Safety training this dual dynamic package enables professionals a basic level of awareness and understanding of integrating cultural clinical practice at the clinical interface. It provides them with the awareness to assess quality interventions and maintain safe appropriate practice.

Advance Package: composed of the Cultural Clinical Safety and Cultural Assessment training this advance package provides experienced professionals the opportunity to explore, discuss and plan quality assessments gaining understanding of indicators, links to tangible factors for intangible issues causing illness. This model explores case examples to link cultural clinical practice in a clinical setting/environment.

Expert Package: this specialised training is the Cultural Indicators of Illness package provides experienced professionals the opportunity to explore, discuss and practice quality assessments using case examples. This is a great practical teaching package for professionals working bi-cultural clinical practice.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Style from the Inside Out is about grooming the inner person to enable your character to reflect personal growth and change through wisdom learnt from your personal challenges, past experiences and shift in thinking creating tools and strategies to empower a positive outlook with action in all areas of your life.

Everyone has a past, everyone has faced barriers or challenges that may have set you back through a traumatic event, low self-worth or lack of positive influence and guidance. The key is about what we do with these experiences and how we develop the tools to effect a positive outcome and manitain strategies to achieve our goals or dreams. Not everyone has had the opportunity or positive influences or role models in their lives to enable successful strategies or the tools to obtain a positive, healthy, balanced life. Most people have learnt from patterned behaviour of those who have been associated, linked or involved in their lives, whether negative or positive.

How do you gain understanding and realise your full potential when you have no-one to guide or direct you through your life if all you have faced is negative? How do you relate or gain relationships and trust with people who have had traumatic or negative experiences to assist them to move forward in their lives?

STYLE FROM THE INSIDE OUT is a unique coaching, mentoring and motivation programme developed to assist one on one or groups. It's a creative, motivational programme developed to work all aspects of your life, it's a holistic wellbeing programme or seminar built to capture the real YOU!

Want to know how or what's involved? Just contact us and we will show you how to renovate a new you!